Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Ashcraft and his staff are the best! They did an amazing job! Had my braces for 2 years, my smile looks great and I owe it all to them! Highly recommend them if you need braces!” - Josh S.

“Dr. Ashcraft is great and so are all his assistants. We never have to wait long to get in. They are very helpful!! Glad we chose him as our orthodontist!!” - Gina M.

“Dr. Ashcraft and his staff are amazing! I only had to wear my braces 18 months and they took great care of me the entire time.” - Bianca S.

“Dr. Ashcraft is awesome! He has a great and friendly staff!! I've been seeing him since 2000. He's been the same since day one! He's very patient, kind, and he cares. I'm proud to say that this smile was made by the best!” - Ayesha F.

“He is the best doctor for straightening teeth. And all of his workers are so sweet. I love his work. Such a great person. Love all of YA’LL!” - Breezie S.

“Love Dr. Ashcraft! Nick’s been going there for two years now! Entire staff is great and he is beyond reasonably priced for his great work!” - Patti R.

“Madison has received so many compliments on her teeth. We love Dr. Ashcraft. He has been kind and caring throughout this process.” - Cynthia R.

“Hello, my name is Shawna. I first visited Dr. Ashcraft at the age of 8 years old. I had bucked teeth due to sucking my thumb for years. Dr. Ashcraft had me start out with a retainer to stop my thumb sucking habit. A year later, braces were needed. After two years of braces, my teeth were absolutely perfect. I continued seeing Dr. Ashcraft for further options so my teeth wouldn't move. A bonded retainer was placed on my bottom teeth at the age of 13. I will be 32 years young this April, and my retainer has had its better days. However, Dr. Ashcraft couldn't believe my retainer lasted this long. When you take care of your teeth; miraculous things happen. Soon I will be fitted for a removable night retainer to keep my perfect teeth the way they should be...straight. Dr. Ashcraft and his team are the best and I wouldn't go anywhere else but him. Thank you for everything Dr. Ashcraft… for your perfection, your honesty, your help and concern for others, and most of all for your talent. Thank you so much!” Love, - Shawna H.